Life During Lockdown


Well how is lockdown treating you all?

This is my first blog and I have tried to keep it light hearted but I’m sure a lot of people will relate to some of whats been happening in my house since Quarantine.

Its been 3 weeks now. 3 weeks since I’ve last applied a lash extension to a human, 3 weeks since I’ve cuddled someone out with our house hold and all I can say is WOW its been a rollercoaster. 4 weeks ago I experienced what I can only describe as a mini breakdown, like most salon owners the thought of laying off my staff made me sick to the stomach, the thought of closing my lash bar seemed like a living nightmare, something I have put blood, sweat and tears into building and it was just to close overnight, how can that even be possible? Crying… well I cried the most I have cried ever, it was the ugliest crying known to man, but guys it was f*cking real, the pain was real, and with me that is all you will ever get, but now 3 weeks on this is how life is……….can you relate to any?


Home schoolin

Jesus don’t even get me started on this.  The first week of  lockdown and Im still in my mini breakdown, I’m still desperately trying to save my business and the jobs of my staff, I’m feeling fear like everyone else right now and they want me to home school? Am I a furloughed teacher and receiving pay for this? Did I sign somewhere to say I ever wanted to be a teacher? Nooooooo, Im not going to be a teacher, My business has just fell on its arse and you want me to sit rationally around a dining room table and teach my kids, mate my kids are smarter than me, they are feeling this fear and anxiety right now too, I want to protect them from all of this. No amount of rainbow writing ain’t going to help them become a Dr. in the future, My motto that first week was kids enjoy this time off, share your worries with me, I will hug you through them, If you want to learn anything tell me, and if I don’t know we can ask google, lets just remember this moment for what it is………what even is it? On the subject of the future kids theres no pressure from us, be what you want and what you enjoy but just choose to be a Dr. Jokes, just be you…. Dr ……cough! cough!


Now 3 weeks in, this is life, some different quotes I say almost daily, can you relate.

  • Lyle: Mum can I get breakfast?         Me: Son its 3pm how about a late lunch?
  • Waking up at 10am, “I have so many plans for today, I’m going to smash this day. Also Me: get breakfast, drink tea, look at phone,  get dressed, oh fuck its 4pm how did that even happen? Awk well theres always tomorrow, Netflix it is.
  • Husband: Where are you going all dolled up?          Me: Tesco and don’t ask what time I’ll be home, I don’t know.
  • Also me, I need to get out this house, go to Tesco with my best gear on, arrive at car park and now I’m shit scared to get out my car. Pluck up the courage to get out car. Hold my breath as I pass ANYONE,  I don’t even know why I do this but its automatic. Anyway I get to Tesco and as long as no one is near me its like the new night out. I don’t want to leave, I want to look at everything, Someone sweeps past me with their trolley and back to earth I come, right lets get out of here and home to my safe place. £80 later and I only went for milk and bread.
  • Some days my house is gleaming by 1pm (only some days), me, I’m thinking about spilling this tea on my lovely clean floor to give me something to do for the next 1/2 hour?
  • Never watched the News in my lifetime. Me: Quick its the 5:30Pm announcement, sit with my tea ready to get the fear of God put in me. Boris get well soon! I am your new Super Fan, I know fuck all about politics but all I know is I love you and your kinda cute! (Remember be kind this is only my opinion)


In all seriousness each day is a rollercoaster of emotions, there really isn’t any way to act in all of this, let people deal with this how they feel necessary without judging,  some days Im loving it and others I’m consumed with worry and anxiety especially when it comes to my beauty Salon. I worry about re-opening, will it be busy? will people come back? Then I look in the mirror and the uglier Im getting with less and less eyelash extensions, worn off botox, bushy eyebrows and I know the beauty industry is going to boom when we re-open. If you disagree, I dare you to go to the pub without your eyelash extensions on, no one will even know who anyone is if the pubs open before us. Please, Please let us open first.


To end on a lighthearted note. THE HUSBAND, well well well the husband. The first few weeks were bliss but Son that has worn off. Look at me again and your mince meat, only joking, but seriously do you need to breath so loud? He knows I love him really, but when do you think you’ll be going back offshore? asking for a friend? All jokes aside he has been my absolute rock the past few weeks and if he still loves how Im looking at the end of this well hats off to you Son because as each day comes I barely recognise myself.