Meet The Team

What can we say… if you have had the pleasure of visiting the lash bar you will probably vouch for us.

We are a crazy bunch, we wear our hearts on our sleeve, we smile, we laugh, we say the odd swear word, we are real and we love our customers (we actually really do care about you).

There are no gimmicks what you see is what you get and we keep things real.

We know when you want to talk and we know when you want to nap and either way we respect this.

Leanne – Owner

I may own the place but my team keep me on my toes and boss me about more than I boss them. I am a go getter in life and I don’t do things by half, I’ve always been this way and think I always will be, I must thrive on the stress of it.

I have a dry sense of humour and find things I probably shouldn’t funny (I can’t help it) so when my clients see me belly laughing this is probably because they have just told me about them stubbing their toe or something silly like that.

Lashes are my passion and my clients are my reason. I am happiest when they are happy. Its nice to come to “work” everyday and do something I truly love. I love helping people and I love seeing others succeed. My team are what makes us who we are and for that I can’t thank them enough, my mission is to bring the lash world up to date in Scotland with better led training and support. I continue to learn my field to enable me to do this.

I have trained with some of the best lash technicians in the world and continue my personal development journey… who knows where it will lead too but all I know is I’m having the time of my life.

Kirsty – Senior Lash Artist

Everyone loves her, she is the chatterbox of the group, she is fun, bubbly and caring. So if you want to chat then just find Kirsty, she is someone you can meet and within a minute you have told her your life story and all your troubles, she just has a knack of making things seem better, and you will leave with a friend for life, she has a positive outlook on life, an infectious laugh and just a genuinely lovely person.

Claire – Senior Lash & Make Up Artist

Claire is one of our senior lashers and she wears her heart on her sleeve and is just the best. She is softly spoken and when she laughs we all laugh.

She laughs at herself because she does silly things like bangs her head on the same shelf at least once a week, she drops things A LOT but she laughs it off and we just call it Claire things and laugh with her, she always looks glam and her smile lights up the room, she might be the quietest spoken out of us all but you can feel her presence in any room.

Keris – Lash Technician & Make Up Artist

Again one of our babies and very keen to learn, she is career minded and she is just a wee beauty. She is with us part time and studies make up artistry at college.

She is full of talent behind her make up brush and the passion oozes out of her, she is a wee ray of sunshine and always has a smile on her face.

She has a sweet shyness about her and is keen to impress with her skills, she is at the beginning of her lash learning but already has a returning clientele who are loving how she makes them feel and look.

Aidan – Lash Technician & Make Up Artist


Our baby! What can I say, straight from school and thrown in at the deep end. He is an endless bundle of talent, he is the creative one and always thinking of the next big thing… get his autograph now because this guy is going places.

Easy going, excitable, bubbly and fun. He continues to impress us and his clients with his work ethic and his talent. Make up is his passion, and this shines through him when he stands back and looks at his creations on our clients faces.

He may be our baby but he is learning fast, he is fun, has some cheekiness in him and oozes confidence but at the same time remains grounded and focus.

You will love him as much as we do.

Nicole – Lash Technician

She’s a yummy Mummy, bubbly, fun and just a genuine lovely gal who we are delighted to have as part of the team.

She is one of our newest members of the team and continues to impress with her amazing work, like us all she loves to chat and always available for a hug if needed.

Caitlan – Apprentice Lash Technician

She’s our baby when it comes to lashing. She will be learning to master all things “lashes” over the coming 12 months and I know by the end of her apprentice she will be one of the best lashers we have seen.

She loves to chat, is enthusiastic and she is excited to get to know all of our lovely clients. You guys will not be disappointed when you meet her. She is just a little ray of sunshine