Why do prices differ so much in lash extensions?

Why do prices differ so much in the Lash World?


I could spend so long talking about this subject. Prices with any sort of service or product will differ all over the world, take Vauxhaul V Ferrari both have a demand and both sell well, but we all know that the Ferrari will have far more quality and a different niche than that of a Vauxhall but not everyone can afford or not everyone will want a Ferrari (hope I’m making sense and by no way offending anyone here, I like Vauxhaul and I definitely don’t drive a Ferrari as much as my husband would love it if I did) 


Some Lash artists simply do not have the confidence to charge their worth this is something that really saddens me. Some Lash Artists know their worth. 


Lash Artists will charge a cheaper price in the hope it attracts more clients, and some will charge a more expensive price knowing it will attract the right clients for them (their niche). 


I think quality and products used definitively is a big part of pricing also. You can charge cheaper and some may spend less time on a full set of lashes, or in other cases (my biggest bug bare) some will cut corners to save on time including lash isolation not being done properly meaning the lashes are applied in an express manner which over time can result in lash damage. Quality over quantity is something a lash artist will definitely price on or vice versa.


Experience also comes into play, the more experience a lash artist has and the more they have invested into learning new skills, will show in prices. Like anything the more someone improves their skills the more they are likely to charge, and this is very much the case in the lash world.


Other things that will be factored into price is location, do they have a shop front, or do they work from home? 


Lots to consider and I hope this has helped understand why when you google on price you may see a vast variety of prices. 


Lots of Love

Leanne x