How to choose who to train with?

So you’ve decided you want to train in lash extensions, but how do you choose who to train with? Choosing a company or a person to train with can be a bit of a minefield. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to make a decision, so in today’s blog post, We will equip you with all the advice on how to choose a trainer and what to look out for.

When you’re looking for a course, whether it be lash extensions, brow courses or any course, you have to ask yourself what inspires you to choose that person or company? Do you look at good reviews, go by word of mouth recommendations? Watch them and are inspired by their success on social media? Look at their website?
Do you focus your attention on their pictures of lash extensions? Are you interested in how many followers they have on social media, does the price clinch the deal or do you read their bio? Are you someone who does your homework on the company to check their experience and reputation and also their passion within the industry?
This is some of the things I would advise you to look for.


Does the trainer or company offer ongoing support? you need to know whether you’ll have someone to reach out to with any questions or queries after you’ve completed your course. Being able to ask for help and support after a course, can be so important for increasing your confidence, mastering the basics and allows you to build on the framework, I can’t stress enough how important ongoing support is.
Online or Offline
There are lots of options when it comes to training. You can now complete many courses online. This might not be the perfect choice for you in which case you would want to attend in person.


The cost can also be a deciding factor. If you’ve chosen cut-price courses in the past, have you found yourself paying twice to retrain? Have you had the same support? If you’re addicted to education in this fast-moving industry (like I am!) – building on your knowledge can be super important. Especially if you want to offer the latest techniques, truly bespoke service and the latest looks. All of these things will keep you ahead of the game.
Choose wisely!

When I first trained in Classic lashes (11 years ago) there wasn’t a vast amount of lash companies, trainers, products, and groups to follow on social media. There were no straight to volume courses at the time, so my journey started in classic lashing.
Skip forward a few years and lash training has changed so much and continues to do so. Now we can begin at straight to volume or take the more tradition route of, Classics, move onto Russian Volume, add on techniques and courses in Mega Volume, Hybrid, Pre-made fans, competition courses, and Fantasy Lash Art/colour. In addition to this, as an artist, you can now offer so many on trend ‘looks’ to clients such as Wispy, Kim K, Cat, Squirrel, Dolly, foxy, coloured lashes, colour pop to name a few. It’s because of this, the lash industry continues to thrive and evolve with ongoing education in the form of courses, mentoring and workshops.

Being one of the fastest-growing treatments in the beauty industry, lash extensions have evolved so much and now there are more companies selling a full range of product, it is much easier to write and accredit your own manuals, which offers more choice, but can mean the market is getting quickly saturated with options, but does it always guarantee quality? Every trainer and company will have their own standards and content, so I believe it’s important to not jump at the first deal and find out what you want to gain from the course.


Looking at the networking and social side, there are now regular lash events taking place, where we can meet and learn from likeminded people. Lash events also provide a platform to attend mini-workshops, hear influential speakers’ and try the latest products. If you are thinking of training in lashes or have trained in the past, attending lash events is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn from others.
It’s such an exciting time to be in this industry. So if you’re looking to train in lashes you’ve chosen the right time! There’s one thing for sure, us ladies will always find the money to look and feel beautiful therefor this industry is going nowhere.