Lash Artists this one is for you.

How do I lash difficult lashes? Including Lashing Downward facing lashes, lashing criss cross lashes and lots more

Difficult Lashes, How do we lash them?

Lash Artists this one is for you.

If you haven’t experienced this yet as a lash artist, trust me when I say you will.

Our lovely client arrives, the chit chat starts, they lie on the bed and close their eyes, and our automatic reaction is “oh shit, how am I supposed to lash these” the hot flush comes from your toes through your full body in an instant, clammy palms…..the lot! Trust me when I say, the stress, worry and anxiety aren’t worth it, try and remain relaxed and know that there are things we can do when lashing a trickier client to make things a bit easier on ourselves.

Lets troubleshoot……..


Curly lashes can be difficult to work with and to get the perfect bond for maximum retention. The easiest way to work with curly lashes is by placing the lash extension underneath the natural lash or get a really good bond from either side of the lash extension. If you were to place on top the curl of the natural lash could push the extension off and it can also be difficult to get a good bond between lash extension and natural lash.


These can be tricky, the first thing I would suggest doing is the “taping method” to lift the lashes off the pad, us a bit of de-tacked micropore tape, stick to the centre of the eye lid near the lash line and pull toward the eyebrow, just be careful not to open the eye, if you don’t do this you will probably end up with a lot of stickies on your pad and this will just add more problems to an already difficult set of lashes, great curls to use for downward facing lashes are LC, M, LL,L, flat lashes and D and CC would work also, but for maximum retention think about using the curl best suited to the client and will give the maximum bond. With downward facing lashes I would recommend attachment to the side of natural lash or on some occasions you may need to go on top, but side is best for a perfect bond in my experience.


This one is all about creating a set to give the perfect lash line using the extensions to do so, and to do this you will need attachment at side of the natural lash, you will use the best side for maximum bond and you will want your lash extension going off in the perfect direction to give your client the perfect lash line.
Like everything you will come across a lot of different problems when lashing, the first and most important thing is to keep a good attitude, remain positive, remember there is a solution for every problem, NOT a problem for every solution.

Keep, calm, be positive and go smash it 

Lots of Love
Leanne x